Yay, Me!

I almost didn’t go to the Intergalactic Bead Show, but at the last minute, I went. I spent way too much money and I found out something…

I went to the last booth of the day looking at ribbon. I told the woman I couldn’t decided which one I wanted (I figured out which one once I was home!). So she showed me a magazine called Bead It…Today. I told her I should be having a piece coming out in that magazine soon. She continued to show me ribbon (which was actually hers) that she sold to some artists who were using them in their jewelry. As she thumbed through the magazine, I saw my necklace!

I told her to stop and go back and there it was—my necklace! Finally! The editor and I went back and forth in e-mails and it seemed like eternity. I was so happy. Every time a customer approached, I told them that this was my piece! I know, I’m silly, but it was a moment. I didn’t know that the magazine came out.

After leaving the bead show, I went to the local mall’s book store, but they didn’t have it. -_- My husband text me and said they didn’t have it in Barnes and Nobel either. The woman at the bead show said she had a subscription of the magazine. So I guess it didn’t come out yet on the news stands. 😦 But nonetheless, I was happy that it got printed.

My necklace is also on their website, at least for the time being until next month.


Yay, Me!

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