I took a trip up to NY to see my mom. It wasn’t much of a pleasure trip since my mom has cancer. For 1.5 weeks I ran around Long Island looking at assisted living places. When we finally found a place that had a decent price. The price increased after her assessment because of the level of health care management she needed went up. It took a lot of coercing to convince my mom that this place would be the best option for her. I was so stressed. Since we couldn’t afford the assisted living place, she now has a health aide living with her. She can’t afford that either, but it will have to do until I can speak with her lawyer and figure out what to do with her money and get an affordable nurse.

Her condition has worsen since last year [when I visited]: she’s not eating therefore she is losing a lot of weight; coughing a lot (and her anxiety is making it worse); tired; weak; wasn’t washing because she wasn’t able too. Now that she has an aide she is getting help. She’s having trouble swallowing which is why she is not eating; everything has to be pureed. She also gets diarrhea after she eats veggies and fruits. She’s waiting for her PET scan results (2 weeks) to see if the cancer spread since her chemo.

My poor Boo Boo was dragged all over LI looking at assisted living places with me. We didn’t have much time to have a lot of fun. He was a good sport anyway. I didn’t get to see my nieces and nephew as much as I wanted to. I also missed the family reunion so I can stay longer with my mom. 😦

In between my errands I managed to have a laugh or two with my family and I did bring my camera everywhere I went to take pics of whatever.

Thank you friends for the moral support you have given me and listening to me rant and complain. 🙂 Thank you Tim, for all you do. ❤


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