My mom’s doctor’s appointment changed and she got the results of of PET scan. It wasn’t a surprise to me because of what the doctor had already said to me when I was up in NY visiting. He said that the cancer has spread to my mom’s lymph nodes and the lungs. My family was holding on to false hope, but looking at the condition she was in, I knew better. The doctor sounded pretty positive that she would not last a year living.

The next step, my sister will be getting the hospice to set up camp at my mom’s house. We already have a health aide in place, who is expensive.

Mom is very tired, coughing fits, confused, and can’t remember what you said 5 minutes ago.

I’ll be flying out at the end of the month back to see her before school starts for my son. This will be the last time I will probably see her until the funeral.


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