Back to LI

I’ll be going back to LI to take care of more financial things for my mom. She sounds like she is fading away…My son will be going too. When we get back he’ll be starting school. Not much of a vacation for him.

I organized the papers that I found at Mom’s house. It was a lot to go through. I organized and wrote down what assets, insurances she has. I forwarded her mail to my house so I can pay her bills. Of course, now that I’m doing all of this I found some jobs that I wanted to apply for, but I don’t have the time.

My sister, the power of attorney,  hasn’t been capable of handling mom’s finances and she lives 10 miles from her. Meanwhile I’m seven states away doing all I can do and spending money I don’t have to see my mom. All I got was arguments from my sister because she did not like what I was doing.

When I call Mom now she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to do her finances when she’s out of it. It takes me 10 minutes to discuss a single issue. I had ask my sister a year ago to do some of the things that I’m doing now and she didn’t do anything. She’s now preparing her daughter’s Sweet 16 birthday party. Should I be mad?

I know she has anxiety, but I do too. I refused to allow anxiety to take over my life. I didn’t like how I felt, and I promised myself to make changes, which I am doing now. Sister is still in her own world.

I decided to talk to Mom’s lawyer by myself and appoint myself power of attorney if I am able to.

Back to LI

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