Instagram Craze (At Least for Me)

I decided to do something for myself that I hope would help me with that Je ne sais quoi. I know I need to better myself which is why I started to take pictures on an almost daily basis. I always say, I’m gonna do this or that and then fall off the wagon.

I kept with the Lenten series and it wasn’t that hard to do. I decided to use only my iPhone since it’s always with me. I found this app called Snapseed which is rather cool and used it on some of my photos which kept my interest. It was also fun looking at other people’s photos on Instagram.

One thing I do like about Instagram is that no one can download your pictures. The one thing I hate about Instagram is that it crops your picture for you. >:-( I also don’t like that you can’t download pics from your computer.

This was one I did while waiting for my son at the dentist office:


It’s a roof in case you didn’t know.

The one thing I do not like about Instagram is the automatic cropping into a square. The best thing is that no one can take your photos off Instagram (although I know how to make a copy of it). Or I should say, as far as I know, there is no way the common person can take this off your sight.

I didn’t keep up with my workout during Lent, as I would have liked. I still exercise, but I want to lose this stomach once and for all!

I also wanted to get more sleep cause I’m always up late (like now) on the computer doing genealogy or other madness.

One day I’ll get my act together for the good. 🙂

Instagram Craze (At Least for Me)

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