Flash Back: Who Remembers Fotomat?











I just talked to one of my customers today and she said she can’t wait until she sees the photographs I have taken. That statement took me back in time when my mom went to Fotomat to get our pictures developed. It took a whole week (maybe 2? I don’t remember) before I got to see the photos. Talk about anticipation.

These little houses were located in the parking lots of shopping centers. I don’t know how people could sit in these little lego houses for hours on end; you would drive up and drop off your film and then come back a week later to pick up your pictures. It was so disappointing when they didn’t have your photos ready on time.










The point and shoot cameras had a flash on it that you can only use once. Actually, you can use it up to four times and then you threw it out since there were four sides to it. I believe I had the same ones that are in the picture below:

magic cubes
Magic Cubes – these were the ones that I had for my camera!









And then you had to buy the film. Nowadays, all you need is your phone and voila! One of my former teachers always said, “You don’t know how easy you got it!” because we no longer have to spend hours in the darkroom. Today, you can take pictures on your phont and do black and white, color, and delete the blurry ones without paying for it!

I remember in high school when 1 hour photo places started popping up. There was one at the mall that I used to frequent. It was exciting to come back in an hour and see your prints. The advantage of this over Fotomat  was that your photos were created on the premises so the company didn’t have any chances of losing them (and that they were finished in an hour)! It was the little things in life that made you happy. And then I was able to drive myself because I had my driver’s license! Yep the good ole days.

Flash Back: Who Remembers Fotomat?

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