Lunchbox Museum

Location: 318 10th Ave., Columbus, GA
Admission: $5
Rating: 🙂 🙂

I do like to travel, but this was not on my favorite list. My husband really liked it though because he collects lunch boxes. I was just along for the ride. 🙂

This museum is inside an antique marketplace which was cool. Outside the were many odd things like Godzilla on top of the building and a Hertz that was decorated with folk-lore art. The inside had antique cars and military stuff.

There were many cool lunch boxes inside the museum which brought me back to my child hood. The most interesting one I thought was Felix the Cat because it wasn’t your ordinary shaped lunch box. I also saw some lunch boxes that I had when I was a girl, like the Peanuts and Holly Hobbie.

The museum was small but it claims to be the largest lunch box museum in the  world. The museum is off the beaten path in down town Columbus; it’s not easy to find unless you know the town because the museum is not labeled. I would only recommend going there if you had business in Columbus GA. It’s not worth the stop; although my husband would disagree with this statement. So If you’re into lunch boxes, that would be a definite yes. Otherwise, no.


Lunchbox Museum

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