New Year, New Changes

For a whole week, I suffered with stomach pain. When it escalated to nausea, I decided it wasn’t a typical stomach ache. I’ve been diagnosed with IBS and I’m not happy about this. But what can I do?

I’m following a  list that the doctor gave to me, until my stomach settles. Then I will gradually add different foods that may be the culprit.

I finally got control of my yeast problem and now this happens. Experts say that Yeast can cause IBS.

I’m also dealing with my son’s issues of not eating. He’s on the verge of becoming a diabetic. He gets more nutrition from his vitamins than his food. I believe the stress that I have been having over this situation contributed to my IBS. Trying to find something that all of us would like to eat for dinner is impossible at this point. My husband is a picky eater as well and I don’t know what he likes to eat. I don’t think he knows what he likes.

I hate having the burden of: making dinner for the family (cause they won’t eat it); getting my son to make good food choices (it’s like talking to a wall); and living a stress free life.

New Year, New Changes

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