I visited Chattanooga this weekend for my son’s birthday. A break was long overdue for this family! The main sight was the TN Aquarium. There was a lot of walking on that day. It was a clean and friendly city, although there were random homeless people. I guess every city has them. My family was nice enough to let me take some pictures. ❤ There are a lot of photo opportunities here. It’s been over 10 years since Tim and I have been here and I wanted to share this with the birthday boy. I’m glad I did because this city has grown since my first trip. There was nothing in this area when I first came here. I was ready to leave after my first visit. I was also eye balling the abandoned areas of the city for photo opps, but I didn’t want to detain the family.

11705489_10207617051216051_3618122923883463964_o 12440422_10207613574929146_1185410091571469895_o 12718297_10207615803224852_4478652256165164579_n 12885956_10207613514527636_1663937954849821768_o 12901323_10207633528867982_3243219227275465910_o 12916880_10207622485391902_7701575309350964603_o 12920281_10207607158648743_1677300662618396268_n12377562_10207633723992860_6599448046247463808_o


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