Cooking is a Lost Art Form

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Cooking is a lost art form for me. I used to enjoy cooking but now I can’t eat because of my IBS. Everything is bland. I recently went to the nutritionist and she suggested that I start eating gluten and lactose. I told her I was scared. She said if you are not lactose intolerant or a celiac, then why not eat it? The way I was feeling back in January made me scared. But the next day I ate cream of wheat and all was good! Then I tried mozzarella sticks and then a trail mix! I had stomach pains when I went to bed, but nothing to worry about. Today I had Chinese food and my stomach hurt as well. The veggies were fresh, but there was some type of sauce over the food. It wasn’t the best Chinese food I’ve eaten, but I was in Heaven! I decided to eat a salad that night since my stomach was hurting.

I do wish my son can enjoy food like I do. This is another reason why I think cooking is a lost art for me—my family doesn’t enjoy food. I get so sad that they don’t. My husband would disagree with me. He is in his own way a picky eater and I cannot keep up with his trends in food so it makes it hard for me to cook. I kinda lost interest in cooking because everyone has different preferences. Since my stomach takes priority in my eating, I just make what I know is good for my stomach. No one else will jump on the bandwagon of health. Should I feel bad for them? I do feel like I’m a disservice to my son, but again I cannot make him eat. It’s just something that he will have to learn to do on his own. If his health wasn’t in danger, then I wouldn’t blink an eye. He has GERD, hiatal hernia, eosinophilic esophagitis and is a pre diabetic.

This has been hard on me to watch him control what he wants to put into his body. But you know what? I believe he will always be in control of his eating. When the blue moon comes to visit, he is open for something new. So I decided to calm down and let nature take its course while I still encourage him.

New chapter coming soon!

Cooking is a Lost Art Form