It’s Bunny Season!

Everyday when I wake up, I say, “It’s a new year,” so I can stay motivated. It hasn’t been easy. Without getting into to many details (TMI), I want to be healthy—eating and exercising. I’m almost done getting my mom’s finances in order (yay me!). And I want to get going with my photography business. I’m pretty excited with my next venture—Easter photo shoot!

The good news is that I found someone to supply baby bunnies! They’re a real nice elderly couple that breeds rabbits. I with there was a book available to get a person started in the photo business. Yeah, there are plenty, but I need a step by step. Or maybe I need swift kick!

I fear that I will not get any customers to attend my event. I need to earn people’s trust, which I have not done yet. I also consider myself an introvert. I may put on a good show, but I don’t have many friends. There I said it. I don’ t reach out to people and if you don’t know me, I may not seem friendly. We’ll work on that. I have no choice if I want to win the crowd over.

Anywhooo…this is a pic of one of the momma rabbits that I visited today. She has the softest fur I ever felt. If you’re in the neighborhood, her babies will be on sale.


It’s Bunny Season!