High School Seniors

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I hope you’re as excited as I am! High School juniors will have a busy year ahead of you. I would like to make your senior year more fun by offering you outdoor high school senior portrait sessions!

If you following me on Instagram (@ leeleemarea) you can see the many places I explore around the Gwinnett County area that would make for an awesome portrait. Here is one spot that I frequent:



















If you have any place in mind please let me know. I am open to suggestions! If you’re a skateboarder, when can do some shots in a bowl. Pets? No problem; they’re family too! BFF? We can include him or her. The possibilities are endless.

There are many products that I offer like canvas prints, pop outs, photo books, announcements, collages, and more!

I would love for this portrait to be a reflection of you so remember many years from now so please call and set up an appointment!

High School Seniors


These elevator photos I liked because of the texture. I didn’t dare open the elevators to get a picture because I didn’t want to fall inside the shaft!

I don’t get too many opportunities like this. But since I was free of child and husband, I took advantage of this. Unfortunately, it was during the time of my mom’s death and I was staying at her house getting her finances in order. Sooo, I needed a break!