Chuck Rogers

You never know who you will meet in Atlanta. I had many errands to run that day. My last stop was the camera shop. As I was getting my camera cleaned, I was looking at all the images on the wall. I saw a photograph by Ilia Varcev hanging up and I asked the person who worked there about that picture. He said that he gave it to the store. Meanwhile Chuck Rogers comes in the store and the worker said that this was his work. And I was thinking, really? I said, “Him?”

And he nodded his head.

So I asked him for a photograph with him. He was very nice about it too. He started talking to me like we were old friends. He also gave me a photograph of him sitting behind where JFK was standing. I almost went to the camera store first instead of last then I would have missed him.


Chuck Rogers

The Best Thing at the Parade

This picture was one of the best things I saw at the 4th of July parade. The parade lasted maybe 30 minutes and it wasn’t very organized. Anyone was allowed to participate so it wasn’t that good. We left the house early incase of traffic. There was no one really at the square waiting for the parade. I guess they knew that the parade was not very good (ha ha!). It also rained and everyone who “reserved” a spot earlier with their blankets got them wet (ha ha!). I like the square because there’s places to eat and shop, but most of the shops were closed that day. It was an ok relaxing day.


The Best Thing at the Parade

High School Seniors

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I hope you’re as excited as I am! High School juniors will have a busy year ahead of you. I would like to make your senior year more fun by offering you outdoor high school senior portrait sessions!

If you following me on Instagram (@ leeleemarea) you can see the many places I explore around the Gwinnett County area that would make for an awesome portrait. Here is one spot that I frequent:



















If you have any place in mind please let me know. I am open to suggestions! If you’re a skateboarder, when can do some shots in a bowl. Pets? No problem; they’re family too! BFF? We can include him or her. The possibilities are endless.

There are many products that I offer like canvas prints, pop outs, photo books, announcements, collages, and more!

I would love for this portrait to be a reflection of you so remember many years from now so please call and set up an appointment!

High School Seniors

Valentine’s Sale

I recently saw this add on Facebook:

FREE Portrait Mug w/ Candy Hearts!
with purchase of
56 Portrait Package Only $14.99

Exclusive new offer! For two weeks only, get our 56 Portrait Package plus a Free Portrait Mug, for now only $14.99! This Portrait Package includes 1-10×13 Wall Portrait, 2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 4-3x5s, 16-2x3s, and new sizes – 5-4x6s, 4-4x4s. PLUS, 20-3×5 Valentine Cards perfect for classroom exchange. Never any sitting fees. Portraits and cards are printed in studio within minutes and portrait gifts ship FREE. Hurry, schedule your appointment today!

Good deal, huh? My first reaction was, “There’s no way I could compete with that!” But that’s ok. Would I want to be in their shoes? No.

If I offered something that low, I would be paying for the pictures out of pocket. It would be nice to have business like that running out the front door, but I wouldn’t be able to handle a crowd that size either. Again, that’s ok.

I enjoy the outdoors and taking pictures of my clients there. I enjoy a one on one relationship with my customers and taking the time to show them my talents. I love that I have return customers they think enough about me to refer me to their friends and families. I love to see my photographs on their walls at home and not stuck on a flash drive which will be outdated in a few years (oops, no more pictures!). I offer high quality canvas photos that you would love to see on your mantel every time you walk by. I love making memories.

I don’t like having my customers waiting on long lines because of a $14.99 sale. The $14.99 includes one picture style of 56 photos. Do you really need another mug in your house? I may not give out mugs, but I do offer my best clients special gifts. I do take care of you—from the beginning to the end and beyond. I will see your children from the day they were born until high school and beyond. I want to capture their lives and see them grow.

I saw my friends liking this add and I thought, well everyone has their own preferences. I used to get my son’s pictures done there and it was nice, but after awhile, I though, wait a minute, I can do this! In fact I can do a better job! And I have 🙂

Valentine’s Sale

Merry Christmas!

These photos are of the local mall on Christmas Eve Eve. I had to go and buy my son some pants – he’s been losing some weight! This is a good thing, since he’s on the verge of getting diabetes. One photo is of Santa’s castle, but Santa was on break. The other is just the lights hanging in the mall. The mall wasn’t overly crowded but the traffic outside the mall was meh. But I wanted to go out and get his clothes to get it over with. Now I need to shop for some clothes. I think I ended up gaining my son’s weight this past year. I may be thin, but my middle is telling its own stories.

Tonight I will finish addressing my Christmas cards and I will also be watching the kids at church while their parents go to the service. I decided not to go to the service this year cause  will be working at 7 pm and I wanted to spend some time with my family tonight so we’ll be going to dinner before I go to work. And yes, I did say I need to finish my Christmas cards. It’s been years since I sent any out and now I remember why I hate sending out cards. It’s a shame [being a photographer and all] I didn’t have the time to send out Christmas cards with the family photo on them. I’m kinda bummed about that, but what can you do?

Enough about my drama. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


mall lights
lmd_santa castle
Santa’s castle
Merry Christmas!