Alien Abduction

I won’t give it away; I’ll let you figure out why this piece is is ironic (let me know if you get it. If you’re on my FB then I already mentioned it so don’t give it away :-)). Again this is the Mother Cabrini Feast. I’m enjoying this series and I hope you do too.



Alien Abduction

Merry Christmas!

These photos are of the local mall on Christmas Eve Eve. I had to go and buy my son some pants – he’s been losing some weight! This is a good thing, since he’s on the verge of getting diabetes. One photo is of Santa’s castle, but Santa was on break. The other is just the lights hanging in the mall. The mall wasn’t overly crowded but the traffic outside the mall was meh. But I wanted to go out and get his clothes to get it over with. Now I need to shop for some clothes. I think I ended up gaining my son’s weight this past year. I may be thin, but my middle is telling its own stories.

Tonight I will finish addressing my Christmas cards and I will also be watching the kids at church while their parents go to the service. I decided not to go to the service this year cause  will be working at 7 pm and I wanted to spend some time with my family tonight so we’ll be going to dinner before I go to work. And yes, I did say I need to finish my Christmas cards. It’s been years since I sent any out and now I remember why I hate sending out cards. It’s a shame [being a photographer and all] I didn’t have the time to send out Christmas cards with the family photo on them. I’m kinda bummed about that, but what can you do?

Enough about my drama. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


mall lights
lmd_santa castle
Santa’s castle
Merry Christmas!